Posted by: will | December 12, 2006

Chin Up Chin Up…

(This is my 200th review since starting the site. I need to get a life!)


Chin Up Chin Up “This Harness Can’t Ride Anything” (Suicide Squeeze)

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I reviewed a band called Oxford Collapse recently here. Oxford Collapse and Chin Up Chin Up recently did a tour together and it makes perfect sense why. Both bands play beautiful takes on the post-punk of yesteryear while adding their own pop inspired spin. They’ve taken their inspiration and expanded upon it rather remarkably. But while Oxford Collapse seem to still be searching for their sound, Chin Up Chin Up seems to have settled in rather nicely.

Chin Up Chin Up’s debut We Should Have Never Lived Like We Were Skyscrapers was an album chock full of potential. The album was so close to what the band was going for you just knew that the group’s subsequent efforts would be great. This Harness Can’t Ride Anything is the sound of Chin Up Chin Up slowly reaching its full potential. The differences are subtle but they are certainly there. With the production of Brian Deck (Iron And Wine, Califone, Modest Mouse) the band has noticeably matured. The confidence displayed in the band’s songcraft is something to behold. Much like their debut, the band has written an album full of diverse and intelligent pop…it’s all just a bit more polished and on target here.

Over just two albums, Chin Up Chin Up have quietly made a respectable name for themselves. There’s not a lot of bands playing this type of music which certainly adds to the band’s charm. However, the band should be wary not to paint themselves into a corner as they write for their third album. So far though, Chin Up Chin Up can do no wrong in my book.

RIYL: Archers Of Loaf, Minus The Bear, The Cure


Chin Up Chin Up – Mansioned (mp3)

Chin Up Chin Up – This Harness Can’t Ride Anything (mp3)


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