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Sound As Language is based out of Columbia, SC and began on a whim in December of 2005. After quitting my job of 2 years for an Indie record label in May of 2005, I retreated from music for six months. It was a short-lived exhile though. I started Sound As Language because my deep passion and love of music brought me back. It was also a reaction to the disappointment I had with so many other indie music sites. I am not a professional writer and will never claim to be. The first music review I ever wrote was the first music review I did for SAL. The music I cover is not restricted to any certain genre. It might sound simple, but I like what I like. There is no pretension here. My only hope is that people will discover something new.




All around my home there is living sound. It’s in my head, I know and hear it. Rhythm in the air in my home you can breathe in the air, and live from it. You watch it…close your eyes and listen. Close your eyes. You can see around the world. All around my home there’s potential sound in my head. Got to let it happen. Take it all in, it will never end if we let it live. Listen.

– Hot Water Music “Sound For Language”



  1. I’m surfing here through Blogmad. I like your site alot, good music! I’ll come back and read more and give you a link of permanence on my site.

  2. which one are you?

  3. Will is the one on the right. four eyes.

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