Posted by: will | December 11, 2006

Britney Spears Crotch…

Oh, welcome all you seekers of crotch shots! Don’t worry, I’m not going to lecture you on your objectification of women or go on some feminist rant. I do apologize though cause you’ll just have to go look at Britney’s bits somewhere else. But, while you are here you might as well check out some music. That is unless you actually listen to Britney Spears. If that’s the case you can go ahead and move on…nothing to see here.

Today is the one year anniversary of my first post on Sound As Language. Tomorrow I will post my 200th review. I certainly never thought SAL would last this long so it’s a pleasant surprise to be writing this. Thanks to everbody for reading (although I really wish more of you would leave comments…I’m just saying). It’s been a fun ride for the most part and I hope to continue going for quite a while. Oh, and I promise this will be the last mention of Britney Spears’ crotch on SAL.



  1. For more on Britney’s crotch:

  2. oh court! why?

  3. Congrats Buddy!

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