Posted by: will | October 18, 2006

Aussitot Mort…

Aussitot Mort “Aussitot Mort” (Level Plane)


What the hell is going on in France? French hardcore is apparently what’s going on. Bands like the incredible Daitro, Amanda Woodward and now Aussitot Mort are really putting France on the map in this scene. All the bands are similar in the fact that they play chaotic and screamy emo/hardcore but they all provide some grand strokes of melody as well. What’s so amazing about these four songs is the fact that they are essentially demos. These are the first recorded tracks for Aussitot Mort. That a band could sound this good so quickly is indeed a scary, but wonderful thing. The opening track “Memoria Grigia” is the crown jewel here as it packs a hell of a punch. The guitars at times sound as if they are ringing out from a post-rock album. The third track, “Une Once De Courage” is a mid-tempo song that really showcases what this band may be capable of in the future. Power in music does not always mean you have to play at a breakneck pace. Aussitot Mort display their prowess at both ends of the spectrum and it’s a pleasure to behold. The fact that this band is just getting started makes it all the more sweeter.

RIYL: Amanda Woodward, Daitro, City Of Caterpillar


Aussitot Mort – Memoria Grigia (mp3)

Aussitot Mort – Les Desespoir Des Singes (mp3)



  1. I talked to the drummer two days ago at the ACU in Utrecht. It was a great concert! Anyway, he told me they are planning to record an album I believe somewhere in July. So I think we can expect an album around October!

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