Posted by: will | October 19, 2006

Polar Bear Club…

Polar Bear Club “The Redder, The Better” (Triple Attack)


This is quite an impressive debut EP here. Polar Bear Club hail from Rochester, NY and play gruff, yet melodic, post-hardcore. If you are truly missing bands like Hot Water Music and Small Brown Bike, Polar Bear Club may be able to fill that void for now. The band’s time changes and musicianship really bring to mind the dynamic way Small Brown Bike once constructed their songs. The dual gruff/smooth vocal attack of Polar Bear Club certainly recalls the way Hot Water Music divided their songs so beautifully. Yet there is a definite passion that emanates from these songs in the way Rise Against seems to pull off that certain something that you just can’t put your fingers on. The Polar Bear Club have “it” and these five songs are simply outstanding. I’m definitely looking forward to hearing the band’s debut full-length.

RIYL: Hot Water Music, Small Brown Bike, Rise Against


Polar Bear Club – Most Miserable Life (mp3)


  1. The links to Triple Attack and to the ‘buy here’ link are dead. which sucks, because these guys are great, and people need to buy this record:)

  2. Updated Alex! Thanks for the heads up!

    Very few copies are left so people should jump on this…great EP!

  3. […] such a promising debut can be a double edged sword for a band. It’s twofold for Polar Bear Club on their second […]

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