Posted by: will | May 22, 2008

Music Review – With Hatchet, Pike And Gun

With Hatchet, Pike And Gun “The Greater Good” (Self-Released)

Can you feel the rhythm in your bones? That particular lyric from With Hatchet, Pike & Gun’s “The Truth About Love & Hate” speaks to the overall power of the band’s debut EP, The Greater Good. There is a bubbling up beneath the surface of With Hatchet, Pike & Gun’s music. The band is reminiscent of The Colour Revolt in many ways. Thematically and lyrically the two bands mirror each other. However, WP&G offer a more unpolished take on this forceful brand of rock. The opening refrain of opener “The Hands” sets the tone. Set up your idols/polish them off/get on your knees/idolotry is okay with me/just as long as I am making my money! Dark religious and societal themes give The Greater Good a heavy burden but one the band is able to carry. WHP&G are also able to dial it down for a few songs. “Maternal Instincts” echoes the somber grace and bitterness of some of the best David Bazan/Pedro The Lion material. Two other bands that come to mind are Shiner and perhaps a less mathy version of the great Roadside Monument. Needless to say, WHP&G keep good company. Album closers “Slither” and “We Disagree” combine both facets of the band’s musical prowess perfectly. These tracks showcase a remarkable progression and what this band is capable of when at their best. The Greater Good shines a light on the dirtiness of the world. It may not always be pretty but life rarely is.

Genre: Indie/Rock

RIYL: The Colour Revolt, Pedro The Lion, Roadside Monument


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  1. Whenever I listen to WHP&G, i feel like I’m soaring across a sonic sound scape. Kyle knows what he was born to do; play the drums like a g’damn madman. All the while, Shawn conveys his emotion perfectly while maintaining catchy riffs. Of course Kevin is no amateur when it comes to adding his style and grace to a band. Mike does a great job at feeding my addiction for thick sound and groovy licks. This 4 piece is definitely keeping it real, and should be closing the deal with (insert big wig here) within the year, or so I would imagine.

  2. this new website is radical.

  3. Just wanted to let you know that With Hatchet, Pike and Gun is going to be recording again! We will be working on our second album starting June 6th. We will announce a release date as soon as we know what it will be. We are doing this album much in the DIY spirit of the last and we’re super excited to have new music to share with all of you! Please become a fan of Facebook and follow what we’re doing on Myspace. We’ll try to be better about updating stuff. Thanks,

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