Posted by: will | May 8, 2008

Music Review – Colour Revolt

Colour Revolt “Plunder, Beg And Curse” (Fat Possum)


Plunder, Beg And Curse is a difficult album to latch onto. Whereas The Colour Revolt’s debut EP was an emotional roller coaster that showcased the band’s penchant for melodies and emotion soaked rhythms, Plunder, Beg And Curse, takes the road less traveled. I am not quite sure what happened with the band’s label deal. The band originally signed to a subsidiary of Interscope to re-release their EP but Plunder, Beg And Curse appears courtesy of blues gone indie rock label, Fat Possum. And frankly, after listening to Plunder, Beg And Curse, I can tell why a major label would want to stay far, far away. They have no clue how to sell or market a record like this (or any records nowadays…hehe).

Lyrically, The Colour Revolt have always been anything but light. That theme certainly continues on Plunder, Beg And Curse. The band is displaying some heavy lyrical imagery here. Religious and spiritual tones color the album’s canvas, almost to a fault. There are a few moments, like on the warm, atmospheric tracks “See It” and “Moses Of The South,” where the band chooses to come up for some much-needed air and brief levity. Much of the time though, Plunder, Beg And Curse is cold and suffers under its own weight. The band has a hard time adjusting the tempo and dynamics of their songs as well. Because of all this, Plunder, Beg And Curse struggles to make a lasting impression on the listener.

The Colour Revolt are a challenging band and anyone looking for a cheap thrill from a rock record should definitely look elsewhere. Plunder, Beg And Curse suffers from the band’s complete shunning of what made their debut EP such a breath of fresh air. On the other hand, you have to admire a band seemingly unwilling to compromise their art. It is abundantly clear that Colour Revolt know exactly what they want and they certainly give it a valiant effort on Plunder, Beg And Curse. Perhaps next time, they can meet the listener somewhere in the middle.

Genre: Indie/Americana/Rock

RIYL: Modest Mouse, Archers Of Loaf, Brand New

Naked and Red

A Siren

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  1. I loved this album and considerably more than the EP.
    I got “Plunder, Beg and Curse” right as I was reading Dante’s Inferno. It’s sort of ridiculous but I found the first four tracks almost had a similar story. “Naked & Red” has these references to a bloodied Adam, walking around a sullied Eden carrying the Devil’s decapitated head. “Elegant View” is grudgingly slow and full of despair. It paralleled Dante’s decent deeper into hell, going from vicious and bloody to dark and deranged.
    The the open chord of “See it” is then light and lifting. The song continues into a very open use of reverb in the guitar. It felt as if the listener was being lifted from the crowded abyss of the previous track.
    I felt this album had so much more of a story to tell. A story of morality, anguish and agression. I
    only wish these guys would make it to Cali.

  2. Court, maybe you should have reviewed this album instead of me.

    Do you feel you would have gotten the album as much had you not been reading Dante’s Inferno at the time? Just curious.

    This is one of those albums that I could totally see growing on me more and more as the months go on.

    It just hasn’t done so yet.

  3. The religious tone of their music has always gotten to me. I am curious as to what religious inspiration they used for this but they seem to really spend a lot of energy there. They twist it with morality really well too. “My bones, My body where made for good and evil”, “Eden is a hell of a place”. They bring it out with a really tortured way.

    I wish I could explain myself better. To answer your question, I would have probably not have like it as much. Dante’s Inferno is 300 pages of allegorical sin. It was on my mind when I listened to it.

  4. Colour Revolt are hitting up Tampa next month. I plan on attending so long as my schedule allows. I’ll snap a few photos and do a little write up of how their set was.

  5. I’ve bookmarked your site, the articles are way better here than on other blogs.. thanks for a great read!

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