Posted by: will | May 6, 2008

Best New Music – Get Bent


Get Bent “2008 Demo” (Self-Released)


I guess I should pay more attention to stuff I get in the mail. Get Bent sat on my desk for at least a week without a single glance or listen. That is until I turned the demo over and saw that it was recorded by Latterman‘s Phil Douglas. So, I quickly popped the CD into my computer and voila, instant awesomeness! Owing a debt to Douglas’ former band, Get Bent pound out five songs of anthemic pop/punk rock. Melodic, gruff and oozing with sincerity, Get Bent exercise a more rustic take on pop/punk. “City” brings to mind the authentic quality that a band like The Gaslight Anthem have. As is the case with most of Douglas’ recordings, he stays out of the way and lets the band shine through with their own style. Get Bent may not have hit a home run on their demo, but they got a double off the top of the wall. And sometimes, that’s all it takes to win the game (sorry, it’s baseball season, I couldn’t help myself).

(You can order this demo for just $2 in the U.S. Hit the band’s myspace up.)

Genre: Pop/Punk/Rock

RIYL: Latterman, The Gaslight Anthem, Yo Man Go!


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  1. Yeah this record is really fun. I bought it too!

  2. “City” It’s tits. I love it! Good find

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