Posted by: will | May 1, 2008

Best New Music – Lemuria


Lemuria “Get Better” (Asian Man)

You know, the pop/punk gods can be a cruel bunch at times. But they make it up to me every now and then. Lemuria are certainly one of those godsends. The Buffalo, NY band finally graces us with a proper full-length release and it is a charming listen. Perhaps not as immediate as the songs from the band’s split with Kind Of Like Spitting, Get Better is a bit of grower.

The dynamic between co-vocalists Sheena Ozzella (guitar) and Alex Kerns (drums) is still the most compelling part of Lemuria. Granted, Ozzella is carrying the majority of the vocal load here but Kern’s contributions add a great deal of weight and tension to the band’s compositions. There is a subtleness expressed throughout Get Better. Lemuria’s songs are indeed melodic but never seem to be looking for a cheap hook. For the most part, the tempos are slower throughout Get Better as well. The arrangements show off a weathered maturity and tend to be looking outside the framework of the narrow pop/punk field.

Now, I love well played pop/punk, especially the female-fronted kind. However, the bands that excite me the most in the genre are the ones that are willing to move beyond all the normal constrictions. Lemuria answer the bell with Get Better and prove they a much more than just another pop/punk band. Taking the road less trampled upon, Lemuria make a compelling case for an even brighter future.

Genre: Indie/Pop/Punk

RIYL: Discount, The Ackleys, Superchunk


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