Posted by: will | April 30, 2008

Music Review – Keep Singing! A Benefit Compilation

Various Artists “Keep Singing!” (Exotic Fever)

A Benefit Compilation For Compassion Over Killing

Now here is a compilation actually worthy of your time and attention. As a vegetarian myself, Keep Singing! touches a personal chord for me. All the artists here are passionate about veganism, vegetarianism and animal rights. It certainly shows as Keep Singing! is a remarkable example of the power of music. There are truly some amazing bands here. Sinaloa, Life At These Speeds and Des_Ark are favorites of mine and their songs do not disappoint. Besides those three, highlights come from one of Exotic Fever’s newest signings, Now Sleepyhead, with their atmospheric track “Pandemic.” The lyrically bold “You Are Not Collateral Damage” is a classic slice of melodic hardcore from Strike Anywhere. The Vonneguts “Tonight’s A Sadist” is an intriguing post-punk romp. Off Minor‘s “Abattoir” is a quick, powerful burst of energy. Boston’s Junius ends the compilation on perhaps the most compelling note as they encompass a majestic post-rock sound. Other artists included are: Gina Young, Attrition, In First Person, Sean McArdle, Wrong Day to Quit, Kathy Cashel and Ampere. Also, as an added bonus, each band/artist contributes a vegetarian/vegan recipe which can be downloaded from the enhanced CD. Sinaloa’s Vegan Mac And Cheese looks pretty delicious! As was stated, all the profits from Keep Singing! will go directly to Compassion Over Killing. Keep Singing! is one of those rare compilations that finds a perfect balance between amazing music and a great cause. Well done.

Genre: Indie/Punk/Hardcore

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  1. ok i’m an omnivore and an amateur ornithologist… i’m pretty sure those are robins on the cover. now i can’t speak for everyone but i doubt people eat robins.

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