Posted by: will | April 28, 2008

Music Review – Andy Werth

Andy Werth “Seeing Stars” (Self-Released)

When I got this disc in the mail, I thought it was by a band called Seeing Stars. Fairly cool band name but rather emo. With trepidation, I popped the disc in. To my surprise, it was the sound of classic pop instead. After some research (actually, looking at the press sheet), I discovered that the name of the disc is Seeing Stars and it’s actually by some dude named Andy Werth. Now I have no clue why Seeing Stars is in front of Andy Werth but I guess that is really neither here or there. On to the review.

So, I am listening to Andy Werth’s Seeing Stars and thinking my Mom might really like this. That’s not a shot at Andy and his band though. My mom likes some great old music. And that’s what Werth sounds like…classic pop music. It’s hard to draw comparisons here cause frankly, I am not schooled too much in this sound. But, I do hear a little Ted Leo at times. All I can say is Andy Werth writes a catchy tune. Rich instrumentation including piano and organ and a wealth of trumpets add character to Werth’s wry lyrics and melodic songwriting. All five songs are winners here with “Tower” being my favorite. Check it out for something a little different.

Genre: Indie/Rock/Pop

RIYL: Ted Leo, The New Pornographers, Ben Folds


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