Posted by: will | April 28, 2008

Band (Mini) Interview – The Daylight Hours

I recently talked with David Adedokun of The Daylight Hours last month. Here is the short Q&A.

Describe the band’s sound and major influences.

David: A lot of the record is rooted in alternative country. That sound seems to lend itself to good storytelling. And I love telling stories so I was anxious to see what I could do with it. As for the stuff I was listening to: Tom Petty, Damien Rice, Gram Parsons, Wheat, Josh Rouse…to name a few.

What is the songwriting process like for The Daylight Hours?

David: Songs usually begin with a solid lyric I find or a rough story I want to tell. Melody comes after I have a few good lines and I usually write choruses last. I often take forever to finish a song. They can sit for a year before they see completion, if they ever do at all. I analyze pretty carefully as I write because I find it hard to change things later when the song is done.

What’s the band’s opinion on file-sharing?

David: An artist at my stage in the game can’t really complain about having listeners regardless of how they come by his work. Once, in college, I did a cover of a song by a Canadian artist named Matthew Good. The guy playing on it with me put a recording on Napster. A few days ago someone told me they googled me and found that recording on an old blog belonging to some girl in Europe. Something kinda cool about that. But I don’t know… talk to me when I stand a chance to make a living at this and I might change my tune. Ha.

What’s on the horizon for The Daylight Hours?

David: I want people to hear this record, but I want to be smart about how I put it out there. So I want to get some people writing about it and downloading it. If it catches a few ears I’d love to take it on the road beyond my hometown. Meanwhile, I’m writing for the follow-up and playing shows here in Columbia (SC) with great bands passing through and some talented local bands too.

SAL Review of The Daylight Hour’s How To Make A Mess Of Things

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