Posted by: will | April 23, 2008

Music Review – Sakes Alive!!

Sakes Alive!! “Presents” (Self-Released)


(Artwork by Stan Doll)

As the first guitar chords ring out, you can tell that Rochester, NY’s Sakes Alive!! mean business. Initially started as a solo project of Chris Vandeviver, Sakes Alive!! have expanded into a full-blown melodic hardcore behemoth. The band blisters through three punk rock anthems that emphasize a frenetic, unhinged energy. Vandeviver’s raw vocals match the powerful roaring attack of the band. Lyrically, Sakes Alive!! touch on all the monotony of life and thumbs their nose at the apathy that instinctively affects us all. On “Riders United” the lead singer begs us all to come along on the journey:

Let’s be reckless riders of the roads already chose;
Nomads who drift from place to place
To follow their hopes
I want to thumb my nose, cut all my ties,
So I can celebrate my fucking life!

Beyond the music, I dig the way Sakes Alive!! approaches their craft. There is a professional quality to how the band handles themselves. Yet, they do it all in true DIY fashion. In reality though, it all comes down to the songs. Even at barely seven minutes, Sakes Alive!! are able to make one hell of an impression. If these first three songs are any indication, Sakes Alive!! will be a name on the tip of a lot of tongues sooner rather than later.

(You can download the songs from the band’s myspace player or here.)

Genre: Punk/Rock/Hardcore

RIYL: Strike Anywhere, Glass And Ashes, Polar Bear Club

Our Mistress The Sea

Your Money’s No Good Here (Fuck You)

Riders United

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