Posted by: will | April 22, 2008

Best New Music – The Details


The Details “Draw A Distance. Draw A Border” (Parliament of Trees)


The Details hail from Winnipeg. That poor city, I swear, every time I hear it mentioned I think back to the great Weakerthans song, “One Great City” where John K. Samson utters the phrase I hate Winnipeg over and over again. I simply can not help it. Where am I going with this? Well, it’s all an appropriate thought when listening to The Details debut, Draw A Distance. Draw A Border. In style and tone, the Details are mining that same sonic territory as The Weakerthans. Hell, Stephen Carroll from The Weakerthans even makes an appearance on the album with his pedal steel.

Much like The Weakerthans, The Details can go from thoroughly rocking songs to touching slower pieces at the drop of a hat. The band has a remarkable balance that they strike on Draw A Distance. Draw A Border. Lyrically, The Details are more about traditional storytelling rather than poetic lyrical nuggets though. Instrumentally, the band is wonderfully rich in tone. Pedal steel, banjo, cello, viola, trumpet, piano and organ all make their mark across the extensive landscape of Draw A Distance. Draw A Border.

I’m not gonna lie. There are several songs on Draw A Distance. Draw A Border. that could easily find their way onto your local modern rock station. But, somehow, that never seems to be a turn-off. The band sounds completely sincere in their approach. They are not trying to score a cheap radio hit or make some far reaching artistic statement. They are just telling stories through song. It might be a simple concept but on Draw A Distance. Draw A Border. The Details make it sound triumphant.

Genre: Indie/Pop/Rock

RIYL: The Weakerthans, The Long Winters, Clem Snide


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