Posted by: will | April 21, 2008

Music Review – Unwed Sailor

Unwed Sailor “Little Wars” (Burnt Toast Vinyl)


I remember purchasing Unwed Sailor’s debut, The Faithful Anchor, when it first came out way back in 2001. I don’t think I had an appreciation for how good that album was until a few years later though. You see, I was purchasing the album in hopes Unwed Sailor mastermind Jonathan Ford had recreated the math rock magic of his previous band, Roadside Monument. Due to my unfair expectations, Unwed Sailor languished in my collection for far too long. Since then, Unwed Sailor and Ford have crafted out a nice little niche for themselves within instrumental/post-rock genres. Nothing has ever seemed to touch on the simplistic beauty of The Faithful Anchor though. However, Little Wars may be the album that fans like myself have been waiting for since that initial introduction. The band has expanded and experimented more with each subsequent album it seems. However, Little Wars sees Ford and company reverting back to The Faithful Anchor‘s concise, upbeat movements. Here, Ford’s compositions are precise and stay within a solid melodic framework. Ford shows at times he can still get mathematical on your ass. However, the songs retain a much-appreciated warmness because of Unwed Sailor’s insistence on not pummeling you over the head with those well-worn patterns. While it might seem calculated to some, Little Wars is a fantastic and engaging affair the whole way through.

Genre: Instrumental/Post-Rock

RIYL: El Ten Eleven, Tristeza, The Mercury Program

Little Wars


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  1. Absolutely love this band

  2. Unwed Sailor come to Tampa in June. Can’t wait.

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