Posted by: will | April 21, 2008

Band Dump

Itch – UK band that has been around the block. I always forget about these guys but they have a new album on the horizon and the new songs sound great.

Mirror – Exciting, jazzy, instrumental stuff from Japan. On, Then, In is the band’s 2007 debut album and it’s an impressive slice of mathy rock.

September Malevolence – The new songs this Swedish band have posted for their upcoming record are tremendous. Post-rock with vocals? Yes indeedy.

White York – New York band that play gruff pop punk rock. Just got the band’s new seven-inch in the mail!

The Read – Cincinnati band that owes more than a few licks to bands like Gang Of Four and Q And Not U. The band’s demo is rough but promising.

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  1. Some great stuff here.

    Do the Japanese have to perfect EVERYTHING they do? Those Mirror tracks are phenomenal.

    Really digging September Malevolence as well.

    Well played.

  2. I thought I was listening to Q and Not U when I put The Read on. The good Q and Not U too. Not the bad one.

  3. Grace Latecomer

    Chinese post-rock — worth a listen

  4. Holy shit!!!


    Speaking of the Japanese perfecting everything…
    these guys make most of their American counterparts like like a bunch of fourth-graders playing goddamn recorders.

    The most delicious math you’ve sunk your teeth into since What Burns Never Returns.

    I just bought their entire catalog and it was worth every penny.

    Listen. You shan’t be let down.

  5. Good finds…I like both of those bands.

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