Posted by: will | April 18, 2008

Music Review – The Very Hush Hush

The Very Hush Hush “Evil Milk” (Sao Bento Music)


The Very Hush Hush began in 2003 as the project of two classically trained pianists. Grant Hazard Outerbridge and Peter Bo Rappmund cover about every base imaginable on their second album, Evil Milk. While I am not familiar with the band’s first effort, this record is said to offer a nosier approach than the duo’s first album. Evil Milk works rather well as the noisy tendencies of the band clash with the subtle beauty of the duo’s piano background. Glorious feedback and rhythmic melodies wash over these movements as the band sounds almost improvisational in their varied approach. The Very Hush Hush choose not to delve into coherent vocals very often but when they do, on the tracks “Soul Projector”, “Wisteria Head” and “Maximillion,” it makes for a lovely proposition. “Gilded” closes the album off in a moving fashion spotlighting some of the duo’s piano work before spiraling into a wave of feedback. Touching all corners between My Bloody Valentine and shoegaze to glitch pop, Evil Milk is an impressive study in patience and talent.

Genre: Shoegaze/Electronica/Pop

RIYL: Apparat, Benoit Pioulard, M83

Soul Projector

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