Posted by: will | April 17, 2008

Random Sounds

Random sounds from new/upcoming releases…

Wolf Parade “Call It A Ritual”

Joan Of Arc “A Tell-Tale Penis”

Bobby & Blumm “In Future Present”

Foals “Balloons”

ATA “Effigy”

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  1. I think Joan of Arc should have called it quits after “A Portable Model Of”

    I love Tim to death, along with the rest of the Kinsellae, but I’ve been thoroughly let down by every Joan of Arc album since. Judging by this new track, the trend will continue.

    And I may be the only one, but I loathe Wolf Parade. And Frog Eyes. And Sunset Rubdown. And pretty much everything else Spencer Krug has his fingerprints on.

  2. I wish the resident Kruggie was around..she would poke your eyes out.

    Seriously, I haven’t even listened to the Wolf Parade or Joan of Arc songs yet.

    Maybe, after I get back from lunch.

  3. I tried!! I really tried!!

    I just don’t get it.

    Truthfully, I don’t get a lot of the stuff coming out of/associated with Montreal these days.

    Maybe it’s a subconscious Toronto vs. Montreal rivalry thing that prevents my ears from registering?

  4. I’m a big Kruggie friend and this JArc album is supposed to be their best since “portable”… i don’t exactly know what’s wrong with this one… it’s not like some of the really whacky meandering stuff. i don’t get you.

  5. Alright, I’m about to listen to the Wolf Parade and Joan Of Arc songs now.

    I will say before this that I dug the first Wolf Parade album and I thought the last Joan Of Arc album, “Eventually All At Once” was pretty damn good.

  6. Not wild on the Wolf Parade track…just sounds like Sunset Rubdown to me and I did not care for their last album.

    This Joan of Arc track sounds great to me. JOA lost a lot of people as they went off the deep end for a few albums there. But I’m digging this.

    Am I crazy or is Kinsella sounding like Travis Morrison here?

  7. I listened to JoA a few more times — with headphones and without distraction. I don’t know. It’s definitely better than the majority of their catalogue, save Portable, but I’m not feeling it.

    I’ll still buy the album, though.

    As far as Spencer Krug and Wolf/Frog/Sunset go, it’s just not for me. Not knocking it, the man is obviously a talented songwriter and musician. I just don’t enjoy it the way others do (or maybe I way I should).

    Travis Morrison — maybe. A little.

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