Posted by: will | April 17, 2008

Music Review – Polar Bear Club

Polar Bear Club “Sometimes Things Just Disappear” (Red Leader)

Releasing such a promising debut can be a double edged sword for a band. It’s twofold for Polar Bear Club on their second release and first full-length, Sometimes Things Just Disappear. Here, not only does the band have to live up to their debut but they have to do it with a vastly different line-up. In between records, Polar Bear Club added a few new members (most notably from the defunct melodic hardcore outfit, Marathon). So, now you can add on the expectations of Marathon fans as well. So, how does Sometimes Things Just Disappear hold up against the weight?

Sometimes Things Just Disappear comes off sounding like an album in transition. That is a difficult proposition for a band releasing only their first full-length and it is one the band struggles with here. The album is somewhat familiar to the shift that Small Brown Bike made later in their career. Moving away from their screamy tendencies, the band embraced a more melodic approach. Here, Polar Bear Club are stuck somewhere firmly in the middle. It makes for an album that simply lacks cohesion. The album starts off strong with two of its best tracks leading the surge. After that, Sometimes Things Just Disappear struggles to find its way. Seemingly going in a more accessible direction, Polar Bear Club lose some of that passion and aggression that was dripping from the band’s debut. However, the band is able to rebound with some strong material near the back end of the album. When the band is hitting on all cylinders it is a powerful statement to witness. Too often though, Sometimes Things Just Disappear struggles to find a secure footing. For now, Polar Bear Club may have failed to fully capitalize on their enormous promise. I would not give up on them just yet though. The talent is here for something phenomenal in the future.

Genre: Melodic Hardcore/Rock

RIYL: Hot Water Music, Small Brown Bike, Rise Against

Eat Dinner, Bury The Dog, And Run

Burned Out In A Jar

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