Posted by: will | April 16, 2008

Music Review – History

History “Ghosts In The City” (Self-Released)


Ghosts In The City didn’t really hit me til I put the reliable ole headphones on. As the opener bleeds into the second track, it dawned upon me. History are mining some awesome territory here. The band brings to mind the frantic nature of Shelby Cinca’s bands (Frodus and Decahedron to be exact). There has always been something almost mathematical about Cinca’s projects and History echoes those sentiments. The band also remind me of one of my favorite underrated bands of all time in Clair De Lune. I could just end the review right there and recommend but I’ll indulge you instead. History practice a certain controlled chaos that strikes a chord somewhere firmly between melody and aggression. The band might be from the sunny confines of Orlando, Florida but the dark atmospheres that surrounds the band’s songs tend to contradict. A few things stand out which separate History from their peers. The addition of the keyboard is a new element to bands mining this territory. Never overpowering, the keys are only used to accentuate the band’s arrangements. Also, the addition of female vocals make their first of numerous appearances on the strong “Horn Of The Unicorn.” That element adds a different dynamic to the band’s already ambitious sound. History are calculating and cunning in their compositions. The band seemingly lulls the listener into a state of complacency only to bludgeon them over the head repeatedly…but only in a good way of course. History do suffer a bit from the “sameness” aspect and the vocals feel a bit strained at times. But, other than those minor complaints, Ghosts In The City is a hell of a debut from a band flaunting some serious potential.

Genre: Post-Hardcore/Rock

RIYL: Engine Down, Jawbox, Shiner

Bloody Death Of Murder

Blue Khaki Dance Party

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  1. They sound good and, although I am most likely only giving my opinion because of your encouragment, I would like to point out the massive contrast between these 2 songs and the ones on Why?

  2. thanks for the comment luke!

    not sure i understand your question though. please elaborate.

  3. I think History just may have gotten their first exposure in an office setting.

    Strange, but the middle aged ladies I work with don’t seem to agree with your opinions on “controlled chaos”. I’m also pretty sure they think Frodus is a character from the Lord of the Rings trilogy.

    It felt pretty frickin rad to overpower the “controlled catatonia” that is the Kenny G that dominates the airwaves here.

    And it’s nice to see the resurgence of the FL music scene. I still miss Twelve Hour Turn, but this History album will help fill that void.

  4. Florida is kicking out the jams lately…no doubt.

    I think we all miss Twelve Hour Turn.

    Thanks for all the comments Bradley!

  5. i was wondering why i hadn’t heard of these floridians until i realized they’re a bar band.

  6. sorry i was a bit vague.
    What i meant was that these two songs sound completely different to the post rock stuff you can listen to on their page. being a music website ( or
    If i was smart enough I would put a direct link here but I dont know how.

  7. wow
    apparently I am smart enough. Thats good to know.

  8. Wow Will, thank you for the kind comments. I’ve been a fan of Frodus for a while. To clear something up real quick, the unfortunate business side of music has us going after some people that created bands called History after us, and one of them managed to weasel their way into

    So for now you have to rely on the ol’ Myspace.

    We’re going on the road soon to if you’d like to come check us out, thank you for giving us a listen and of course the kind words.


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