Posted by: will | April 16, 2008

Band You Should Know – This Town Needs Guns

Seriously, what is going on in the UK these days? So many great new bands it’s enough to make your head spin. Well add yet another to the list. I first mentioned This Town Needs Guns in my favorite EPs of 2007. The band’s split with the equally awesome Cats And Cats And Cats was tremendous. I downloaded (legally…thanks eMusic) the band’s two other singles earlier this year and am left even more impressed. This Town Needs Guns are perhaps a tad more laid back compared to the frantic energy of a lot of their UK peers. But, while the pace may be a bit slower at times, the result is just as powerful. The video below is for a song off their split called “26 Is Dancier Than 4.” And I posted a song from one of the singles as well. How is that for an amazing song title and a great pick up line?

Do You Wanna Come Back To My Room And Listen To Some Belle And Sebastian?

26 Is Dancier Than 4

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  1. Love this band! I also really enjoyed the It’s A King Thing record you linked to

  2. […] Be Thankful follows up the band’s tremendous 2005 album, Hug The Coasts. Much akin to my last Band You Should Know, This Town Needs Guns, Stapleton eschew the hectic pace of many of their peers for subtler melodic […]

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