Posted by: will | April 14, 2008

Music Review – The Emo Diaries Chapter Eleven

Various Artists “The Emo Diaries Chapter Eleven: Taking Back What’s Ours” (Deep Elm)

I can not believe that I am sitting here in the year 2008 and reviewing yet another chapter of the Emo Diaries. More than a few years ago Deep Elm thankfully ended their run of Emo Diaries at the nice round, perfect number of ten. Makes sense, right? The world rejoiced, some emo kids cried and we all moved on to bigger and better things. Yet, for some reason, Deep Elm has elected to bring back to life this compilation that just deserves to be left alone at this point.

Above Them – OK, this ain’t half bad. At times it reminds me of Waxwing. That is a good thing. But, the song is all over the place. Definitely promising though.

This Drama – Not too shabby…dance flavored indie rock with some screamy elements that I wish the band would embrace more.

While You Were Gone – Power pop/rock with female vocals. Oh, is this emo now?

Knockout Kings – Is Taking Back Sunday still around? Victory Records, do you have a spot left for these guys?

Andy Tanner & His Grand Piano – I dig Andy’s vocal style and this could be good if not for some questionable lyrics. “It’s nights like these that I wish I had a girl.” C’mon now!

The Crash Engine – The name just gives it away. I knew what this was gonna sound like before I even heard it. Generic.

The Decoration – Oh, I actually like this. Kinda reminds me of a band like Nada Surf. Well done.

I’m Fashion, You’re Victim – Besides being one of the worst band names ever, I’m Fashion, You’re Victim play metal “fashion” core. Oh yeah!

Young Hearts – Ah, these guys are too good to be on this comp. Rad pop/punk…can I get some more please?

The City Beautiful – Better than most of the stuff on here. Unique sounding and hell, they’re from Antarctica, so that’s pretty cool.

My Awesome Compilation – Easily taking second place in worst band names on Emo Diaries Chapter Eleven. Did they write this song for a boxing movie or something? I feel so motivated now. Think I’ll pass.

Panel – Rocking but entirely too long and on the verge of irritating.

OK, so, overall that was a disappointing listen. Probably not as bad as I was expecting but four or five memorable songs out of twelve is a poor average for any compilation. And for someone who actually owns all ten of the Emo Diaries (don’t laugh, I got them for free), I can honestly say this is the least memorable. So, please, do us a favor Deep Elm, stop beating a dead horse. You’re just making it (much, much) worse.

Genre: Emo?

RIYL: Emo?

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  1. haha. you’re mad at daddy.

  2. i don’t even know what that means but it made me laugh.

  3. it’s a stab at deep elm.

  4. yeah, i figured as much. but c’mon, emo diaries? let’s move on already.

  5. when’s your “homo diaries” comp coming out? get it? “coming out” …

  6. just for that, i’m sending this emo diaries to you. may it curse you for all time.

  7. damnit. are you out of this is indie rock?

    i actually bought an emo diaries (maybe 3 or 4?) a long time ago before i lived in charlotte. that was the curse.

  8. Did you post this so you could feel like an elitist? That’s low Will. Real low.

  9. Why have I never heard of these emo diaries?

  10. i envy you.

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