Posted by: will | April 9, 2008

Best New Music – Fleet Foxes


Fleet Foxes “Sun Giant” (Sub Pop)


Fleet Foxes needs no more critical acclaim. The band have not even released a full-length yet (their debut, Ragged Wood, is out in May on Sub Pop) but thanks to the power of the world wide web, they are well on their way to a great musical career. Really though, it’s not about just hype in this particular case. On the band’s debut EP, Sun Giant, Fleet Foxes write haunting, moving pop that carves out it’s own special niche. The reverb soaked vocals of Robin Pecknold certainly remind one of Jim James of My Morning Jacket at times. Both vocalists are pulling from different eras. They are just as much old R&B as they are Americana. You can not teach soul and both James and Pecknold have that. Granted, Fleet Foxes aren’t a rock band like My Morning Jacket though. That’s not Fleet Foxes game and these five songs never feel lacking because of it. They band knows they simply do not need to beat you over the head to get their point across. Instead these songs float in and out with beautiful melodies. Sun Giant is subtle and succinct. The soaring vocals of Pecknold do lead the way but the band crafts out some gorgeous musical landscapes behind him. If Sun Giant is any indication, let me offer a warning, you might be sick of hearing the name Fleet Foxes by the end of 2008.

Genre: Indie/Pop

RIYL: My Morning Jacket, Band Of Horses, The Shins

English House

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  1. Been listening to the full length and while it does feel like a My Morning Jacket rip off filtered through a Band of Horses stack, it’s not bad.

  2. I do think there are definite similarities. All three bands are mining the same territory. But, I must say Band of Horses felt like a My Morning Jacket rip off at first. I don’t get that same feeling from Fleeting Foxes. Not yet at least.

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