Posted by: will | April 8, 2008

Band Dump

OK, this one is a foreign affair.

Foals – These guys are signed to Sub Pop so you will probably see them everywhere shortly. For good reason though. Similar to Bloc Party at times but a lot more experimental in nature.

Boyandroid – German band that reminds me of good, sensitive (emo?) rock like Death Cab For Cutie but with more balls.

Stolen Bikes Ride Faster – Ah, these guys rule…seriously. I’ve seen the band name around forever (and what a great band name it is) but had never listened til getting their Nothing Has Changed EP recently. Pop/punk rock to the tens! Viva Italia!

Fear Like Us – Folk/punk that’s actually really good. From Australia and the vocals are really similar to Chuck Ragan of Hot Water Music. Some female vocals arise as well. Fans of Rumbleseat should take note.

Marionette ID – From Budapest, Hungary, these guys play moody post-hardcore in the vein of Engine Down. This is really impressive stuff. I have a review almost ready to go on this. You can download the full album here.

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  1. Hello there,

    Thanks for the good comment. we really appreciate it. But our myspace website was changed a few weeks ago. So the new one is the following.


    marionette ID

  2. hey,

    the appropriate website is here 🙂

    thanks and cheers

  3. corrected…thanks!

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