Posted by: will | April 6, 2008

Best New Music – Borko


Borko “Celebrating Life” (Morr Music)


Morr Music have invaded Iceland it seems. Borko is the label’s third recent Icelandic signing behind Seabear and Benni Hemm Hemm. Oh, and Borko is, in my opinion, the best as well. Borko is the project of Icelandic film/theatre musicican Björn Kristiansson. He has written music for theatre as well as modern dance. On Celebrating Life, Kristiansson provides beautiful (mostly) instrumental movements that are almost post-rock in their grand scope. But there is a noticeable sense of humor and playful spirit possessed by Borko. Stiff post-rock bands are rarely able to incorporate such levity but Borko pull off the feat rather easily. One of Kristiansson’s tricks is the use of a variety of vocal effects on Celebrating Life. It creates a playfulness rarely seen in these parts. The album is accented by horns as well and that addition offers a grand characteristic to these moving pieces. It especially shows on the album’s finest work, “Summer Logic,” which mixes in some well-placed harmonica too. Actual vocals do appear on occasion, like on “Dingdong Kingdom” and “Spoonstabber,” which is about being punched in the belly…go figure. Celebrating Life is a thrilling journey for fans of instrumental music. It also marks perhaps the best Morr release since Electric President. And that is some high praise right there.

Genre: Instrumental/Rock

RIYL: Unwed Sailor, Sigur Ros, Do Make Say Think

Dingdong Kingdom

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