Posted by: will | April 3, 2008

Band Dump

Band Dump is just another excuse for me to make yet another list.

A Great Big Pile Of Leaves – Somebody sent me a link to these guys recently. The vocals get close to that annoying emo whine at times but always recover pretty well. I really like this. You can download the band’s EP, The Fiery Works, for free here.

Get Bent – I got this band’s demo in the mail earlier in the week and the name threw me off. It sat for a few days til I turned it over and realized Phil from Latterman recorded it. Doh! Awesome pop/punk rock stuff! You can get this demo for $2 (to cover shipping) from the band.

Six Gallery – Found a few songs by this band online recently and was very impressed. Cool instrumental stuff that I need to get my hands on more of.

Little Brazil – I remember listening to this band a few years ago and being unimpressed. But, their late 2007 full length, Tighten The Noose, is a nice step. I don’t remember such a strong Smoking Popes influence but I certainly like it.

The Wading Girl – I first heard of The Wading Girl at a Tim Barry show. They were his backing band and did a fine job. I figured if they were good enough for him than I needed to give a listen. That was over a year ago…yeah, I might be slow but I’m persistent. Anyway, I finally got the band’s 2007 release, The Miriam Demos. It’s like Jenny Lewis joined the Avett Brothers? Sure.

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