Posted by: will | April 2, 2008

Music Review – Ghost In The Water

Ghost In The Water “Tooth” (Hidden Shoals)


You know, the male/female duo have almost worn out their welcome for me. After suffering through yet another high profile album of this sort recently (not naming names), I practically swore off these sickeningly cute pairings. That is until I remembered Ghost In The Water. Tooth is the kind of album people should be investing their time and energy towards. Granted, this territory has been mined before but rarely this well. The husband/wife duo of Nathan and Mandy Tensen-Woolery create such an embracing atmosphere on their debut effort. The duo’s songs reside somewhere in the electro-indie pop realm but don’t let that scare you away. The song arrangements are inventive and the lyrics are remarkably engrossing. The duo has a playful, creative energy that is measured only by the album’s dark ambiance. Nothing on Tooth ever goes for that cheap thrill. The material here is measured and subtle in its approach. There is incredible detail given to each movement and when and where each voice appears over the angelic backdrop of guitars and electronics. Tooth is wildly moving and quite an impressive debut.

Genre: Indie/Electronica/Pop

RIYL: Bjork, Bat For Lashes, Stereolab

Clean Sinks And Folded Laundry

How To Draw A Ghost

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