Posted by: will | April 2, 2008

Music Review – Austin Lucas

Austin Lucas “Putting The Hammer Down” (Magic Bullet)


Austin Lucas continues the long line of artists originating in the punk/hardcore scenes only to head in a more authentic direction. Having spent much of his life playing in punk, crust and grind bands, Lucas shows off a beautiful change in pace with Putting The Hammer Down. While the traditional folk/bluegrass sound of Putting The Hammer Down might surprise some, this sound has been in Lucas’ bones since childhood. And with a musician father that cherished these genres, Lucas sounds perfectly at home here. In fact, his father, Robert Lucas sings, produces and plays banjo, fiddle, ukulele and guitar on Putting The Hammer Down. Right from the very beginning you will notice the vocals of Lucas. Quite similar to the distinctness of Will Oldham (Bonnie ‘Prince’ Billy), Lucas’ vocals carry these songs on their wayward path. “Man Alive” and “Shipwrecked (Glass Bottom Boat)” are gorgeous and powerful bookends for the album. With beautiful female vocals from Chloe Manor on five of these eight tracks, there is a remarkable depth reached when she and Lucas harmonize together. The instrumentation is rich and adds to the music’s warm intimacy. Lucas’ Putting The Hammer Down is a haunting, moving journey worthy of much acclaim.

Genre: Alt-Country/Folk/Bluegrass

RIYL: Bonnie ‘Prince’ Billy, Iron & Wine, Lambchop

Man Alive

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