Posted by: will | March 30, 2008

One Quick Political Note

As you may have noticed, we are supporting Barack Obama here at SAL. I read a story this morning that, once again, backed our decision to do so. With several powerful democrats now calling for Hillary Clinton to drop out of the race, it was interesting to see what Obama thought of those particular requests. And, yet again, Obama says the opposite of what you would think a “normal” politician might spew. He refuses to shoot out the gibberish of “for the good of the party” or “so we can get started on the general election”…he simply states that Senator Clinton deserves to run as long as she sees fit. Perhaps it is only a small piece of the puzzle but it continues to serve the bigger picture. Much like his unlikely and historic speech on race, Obama continues to follow the less politically trampled upon path. And jaded voters like myself will continue to take notice.

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  1. Good post. I agree. He certainly is the quality of person you want to see in office.

  2. I think we found one thing we can agree on, you and me. Go, Obama!

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