Posted by: will | March 28, 2008

Music Review – Run Dan Run

Run Dan Run “Basic Mechanics” (Self-Released)


Run Dan Run’s Basic Mechanics might just be one of those perfect remedies to life’s tumultuous pace. Hailing from Charleston, SC, Run Dan Run play atmospheric and tuneful indie rock that soothes a tired soul. Led by the aptly named, Dan McCurry, the band shows off a brilliant maturity on their debut effort, Basic Mechanics.

Run Dan Run tackle a wealth of styles here but they maintain a remarkable cohesiveness throughout the length of Basic Mechanics. From the depth of the six minute “Multi-Colored Lights” to the two minute instrumental intermission, cleverly titled “The Instrumental,” Run Dan Run show off an impressive scope. “The Setup: The Blackout” is a glorious song that rivals Broken Social Scene in its expansive nature. The band’s flexibility is certainly admirable throughout Basic Mechanics. The rich “Your Name Escapes Me” is followed by the bare bones of “Points of Departure” and it sounds perfectly in tune. And once again Run Dan Run are able to recall the grandiosity of Broken Social Scene with the horn-laced album closer “The Turnover.” The song marks a fitting end to an emotionally stirring album.

Running over the fifty minute mark, Basic Mechanics runs the distinct risk of wearing out its welcome at times. However, to the excitement of this listener, that simply never happens. The album unfolds slowly and keeps the listener’s attention at every change in pace. Basic Mechanics makes for a fine swan song to yet another strenuous day.

Genre: Indie/Rock/Pop

RIYL: Death Cab For Cutie, Say Hi, Broken Social Scene

Your Name Escapes Me

The Setup: The Blackout

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