Posted by: will | March 28, 2008

Band Of The Day – Freshkills


Freshkills are a Brooklyn based band who much like my earlier Band Of The Day this week, are hard to get a handle on. Definite post-punk influences like Drive Like Jehu and The Jesus Lizard are matched with a vocalist that Nick Cave or Ian Curtis would be proud of. The music is driving and the vocals are certainly distinct. Freshkills have hit on a familiar, yet unique combination with their sound. “I Know I Know” is off the band’s second full-length, which remains untitled and unreleased. The album was recorded with Alex Newport (At The Drive-In, The Locust, Two Gallants). Thoughts?

I Know I Know

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  1. watching this band live feels like teenage angst !
    a great performance at uropa in greenpoint….
    seen them a few times since then….
    first heard them at pass out records in williamsburg….. i leaned over to my friend and said…. i like this band!

  2. who’s the weirdo in the back left?

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