Posted by: will | March 27, 2008

Music Review – Tin Kitchen

Tin Kitchen “Grace EP” (Self-Released)


Tin Kitchen are three young ladies from the fertile grounds of New Brunswick, New Jersey. From the very beginning, I love the feeling this EP gives off. It’s like the first time I heard Rainer Maria way back in the day. And funny thing is, Kyle Fischer from Rainer Maria recorded these three songs. Coincidence? I have no idea but the two bands share some definite similarities. Much like those earlier records from Rainer Maria, you can feel the raw emotion emanating from these songs. But, Tin Kitchen’s songs are also a bit more off-kilter than Rainer Maria’s more straightforward approach. Perhaps there is a bit of the Sleater-Kinney angularity at work there. For all the older folks (like myself), there are also some similarities to Boston emo band Jejune as well. But enough of the comparisons, Tin Kitchen are quite capable of standing completely on their own. These three songs were recorded live so the material possesses a rough, worn sheen. Frankly though, that only adds to band’s charm. Tin Kitchen do so many things right…the melodies, the heart, the sincerity…it’s all here. And it all makes for quite an impressive beginning.

Genre: Indie/Rock/Emo

RIYL: Rainer Maria, Sleater-Kinney, Jejune

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  1. […] friends Tin Kitchen got a great review for their Grace EP over on Sound As Language.  We’ll be playing with them on Saturday, April […]

  2. […] but most of the time I forget to.  (Sorry!)  I am really excited about this band.  Here is a review of their EP.  Here is their myspace.  I think the song I like most is “ears eyes knows […]

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