Posted by: will | March 27, 2008

Music Review – Thao

Thao with the Get Down Stay Down “We Brave Bee Stings And All” (Kill Rock Stars)

Sounding like the female version of Stephen Malkmus, Thao Nguyen and her band, The Get Down Stay Down, level eleven songs of playful indie rock. While her vocals may recall the likes of Cat Power or Mirah, the rambling spirit of these songs surely recalls Malkmus’ loose brand of songwriting. The album exercises a remarkable dexterity as Thao and her band jump from styles and instruments like they simply have no choice in the matter. As their numbers are at an all-time high, I have grown more and more weary of the female indie/pop/rock singer. Frankly, most of them have a hard time distinguishing themselves from the pack. Thao, on the other hand, is a breath of fresh air. We Brave Bee Stings And All is charming and not just more of the same. And for now, that’s enough to put her above many of her peers that continue to tread the same inhabited waters.

Genre: Indie/Rock

RIYL: Cat Power, Mirah, Stephen Malkmus

Beat (Health, Life and Fire)

Bag of Hammers

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