Posted by: will | March 25, 2008

Music Review – Mini People In Coney Island

Mini People In Coney Island “Nara Dreamland” (Self-Released)


Mini People In Coney Island is the one-man project of Rafael Cosme who is based in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. The concept of the record in Cosme’s words was “to make a lo-fi pop record that sounded like amusement parks.” Quite a novel idea if you ask me. What’s more amazing is that Cosme has succeeded in doing just that. Nara Dreamland is bright and bubbly but also incredibly touching. It reminds me of one of my favorite underrated bands, Slowreader. With only a karaoke microphone, casio keyboards and a drum machine, Cosme creates an intimate space to tell his magical stories. This is bedroom pop at one of its most creative and finest hours. There is an overwhelming sentimentality that emanates from Mini People In Coney Island’s Nara Dreamland. It is the sound of someone truly recapturing that amazing spirit and energy of childhood and youth. But, much like life itself, there is also a sad undercurrent that runs through much of the album. Cosme was obviously touched in many different ways by amusement parks and what they symbolize. He even notes on his site “Dear Walt Disney thank you for creating Nara Dreamland. I Love You.” Well, Rafael, we also have to thank you for bringing Nara Dreamland to fruition. The album is a testament to the spirit and creativity of the independent artist.

(You can download the album in full from this link here.)

Genre: Indie/Pop

RIYL: Elliott Smith, Slowreader, Casiotone For The Painfully Alone


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