Posted by: will | March 25, 2008

Best New Music – Know Think


Know Think “Clean Closet EP” (Self-Released)


Know Think’s four song demo is a varied mixture of emo stylings. First song, “Aeroplanes” echoes the smooth sound of modern bands like Look Mexico as well as owing a debt to the great American Football (but of course). Middle tracks, “Craftwork Creatures” and “Cutting Signs,” are a bit more aggressive in their approach. These songs give nods to all the usual suspects (Cap ‘n Jazz, Braid) and are reminiscent of their current peers as well. But it is the seven minute closer, “Songo,” that seemingly pushes the envelope a little more. Sounding closer to the the expansive work of Aloha, Know Think show a willingness to move beyond genre norms. Still, all four tracks remain tied together by a wonderfully warm and intricate mood. Know Think’s mature sound defies their youthful age. Let’s hope this is only the beginning.

Genre: Emo/Indie/Rock

RIYL: American Football, Aloha, Look Mexico


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  1. I really love this kind of music right now. Where in the hell do you keep finding these bands?

  2. they just keep popping up…lots of great new bands playing this style for sure.

  3. I like this. A lot.

    “Songo” is a superb track that begs to be heard.

    At first listen, I had to question whether this was another Victor Villareal / Sam Zurick side project. I’m even more impressed knowing that it isn’t.

    I am very eager to (hopefully) hear more from these kids.

    Thank you for another gem, sir.

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