Posted by: will | March 24, 2008

Vinyl Corner – Thank God/Tigershark


Thank God/Tigershark “Split 10-Inch” (Perpetual Motion Machine/Molsook/Tick Tock)

Thank God are prolific if nothing else. The band has released a split LP, a split 7-inch and two split 10-inches within the last year. Thankfully though there is an awful lot of substance to what the band is doing. Thank God have quickly become one of the best chaotic hardcore bands in the US. I say this not because the band hails from my hometown of Columbia, SC, but because I believe it. The instrumental “I Will Die In Paris” starts Thank God’s side of this 10-inch split off. It sets a quiet, ominous stage for the musical massacres yet to come. “That Crazy Mouse Is Cool” and “Wasting My Breath” showcase the depth of Thank God’s genius. The sickly vocals are mixed with crushing screams, only to be ravaged by a mountain of guitar feedback and swirling drums. Seriously, this band continues to grow at astonishing rates and I can not wait to hear what they do next.

Tigershark hail from Richmond, VA and close out the opposite side of this 10-inch record. The band is more mathy than chaotic. With more of a guttural growl instead of screams, Tigershark rumble through three impressive songs themselves. The slow paced closer “The..I..Um..We..Uhh… ” is the winner here as the diverse musical backdrops and whispered vocals weave slowly through each other ever so cleverly. Unfortunately, due to the tragic death of their drummer, this is the last release by the band. But, they leave their mark with quite a powerful, moving statement.

Genre: Punk/Screamo/Hardcore

RIYL: Shut up and buy a record player!

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