Posted by: will | March 24, 2008

Band Of The Day – Brass


Brass hail from Philadelphia, PA and play a curious brand of indie rock. Curious meaning they leave me scratching my head over who to compare them to. Perhaps they are unique enough to just stand on their own. “Tall Ships” is taken from the band’s debut, Set & Drift. Check it out and let me know who comes to mind.

Tall Ships

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  1. They kick ass

  2. you are definitely right about this band being curious. i keep wanting to listen to the album with a different vocalist. i feel like he’s got a really weird style, and he sometimes reminds me of Michael Stipe as weird as that sounds.

    that said, i have no idea who they sound like. maybe they’re just that curious.

  3. i like the graphic with this post (and, of course, the music).

    also, glad to see you are supporting my man (barack)!

    p.s. chocolate skittles = gross.

  4. remind me of interpol and the editors a tad bit, but not enough to say they sound LIKE them, just make me think of…

    all in all good stuff…

  5. the guitar reminds me of circa survive sometimes, i love the singer though, his vocie is perfect for this music and the lyrics in my opinion are awesome.

  6. […] are a Brooklyn based band who much like my earlier Band Of The Day this week, are hard to get a handle on. Definite post-punk influences like Drive Like Jehu and The […]

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