Posted by: will | March 23, 2008

Music Review – Seabear

Seabear “The Ghost That Carried Us Away” (Morr Music)


As a reviewer there is a guilt for the stuff you “never get around to.” Even albums I listen to a good bit don’t always get the green light when it comes to reviews. It’s reviewer’s remorse so to speak. The Ghost That Carried Us Away came out quite a while back in 2007 but it simply deserves more coverage. The album is a beautiful collection of indie folk/pop/rock. There are some noticeable parallels between Seabear’s The Ghost That Carried Us Away and Track A Tiger‘s We Moved Like Ghosts. In fact, they just might be downright eerie. Obviously, the titles are similar. But, the bands’ sounds mirror each other as well. Both have a graceful touch as the songs float in and out. That ability that both bands possess creates a warm, intimate mood for the listener to latch onto. The Icelandic band also reminds me of the southern folk of Iron & Wine and the eclecticism of Sufjan Stevens. Perhaps it is the subtle vocals are the exceptional backing instrumentation. Either way, Seabear have a familiar and endearing ring to them. The Ghost That Carried Us Away is peaceful in its subtle approach. So, listen before bedtime.

Genre: Indie/Folk/Pop

RIYL: Iron & Wine, Sufjan Stevens, Ida

I Sing, I Swim

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  1. Seabear good.
    Your taste in music good.

    Job = good.

  2. their old ep gets me every time

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