Posted by: will | March 20, 2008

Vinyl Corner – Title Fight


Title Fight “Kingston” (Flightplan/Attic)

Under the band’s influences on Myspace, Title Fight have the following description: pool parties, skateboards, summertime, girls, long hair, and not listening to our parents. If the band’s music didn’t already have me hooked, their influences sure do. Title Fight arrive at the most appropriate time. On the brink of spring, the band offers up three pulsating blasts of unadulterated pop/punk rock. This is the kind of stuff that breeds pop punk summers right here folks. Title Fight are perfect for cruising around with the windows down and the sun beaming in. No doubt Kingston is sporting that “we were raised on hardcore but we love pop punk” vibe. And for such a young band they carry these songs with such poise. Melodies are plentiful but never overpower the band’s muscle like so many other pop/punk bands today. The band instantly reminds one of the glorious early material of Saves The Day or even Set Your Goals minus the insane treks into hardcore breakdown territory. In less than eight minutes time, Title Fight jump in and then get the hell out. Kingston is more than enough to leave quite the impression.

Genre: Pop/Punk/Rock

RIYL: Set Your Goals, Saves The Day, Lifetime

(All songs are available for streaming on the band’s Myspace page below.)

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