Posted by: will | March 20, 2008

Best New Music – Each Other’s Mothers


Each Other’s Mothers “3 Song Demo EP” (Parrot On A Porch)


What a fantastic find Each Other’s Mothers has been. These four young ladies from New York play intricate, mathy instrumental rock. There is no wanking here, only precise and creative instrumentals that suck the listener in. Vocals only appear for a brief period as they work to build tension in the EP’s closer, “Extra, Extra.” Each Other’s Mother are quite similar to what Jacob And I are doing with short bursts of energetic, jazzy rock. The band moves at a swift and enthralling pace on these three songs and never allow one shred of complacency to set in. The guitars weave in and out of each other’s way while the bass and drums stop, drop and roll from every angle. Each Other’s Mothers have grabbed the bull by the horn and are making some amazing sounds with these three songs. A full-length lies on the horizon. We should all be stoked.

Genre: Instrumental/Math Rock

RIYL: Jacob And I, Deerhoof, Q And Not U

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