Posted by: will | March 18, 2008

Best New Music – Settlefish


Settlefish “Oh Dear!” (Unhip)

The stylistic leap that Italian band Settlefish made from their debut, Dance A While, Upset, to their second album, The Plural Of The Choir was massive to say the least. The group’s third album, Oh Dear!, while not as dynamic a shift, still sees the band progressing at a tremendous rate. Settlefish have always been lead by the energy of vocalist Jonathan Clancy. His delivery and presence makes the band’s songs continually stand out from their peers. While much of Oh Dear! does continue the band’s upbeat pace, there is also a pull back of sorts. The band seems to have a more organic approach here as they continue to expand and explore their sonic territory. Oh Dear! is actually able to properly showcases the band’s extensive repertoire. It is incredible how Settlefish have grown into their own over the years. From a rather pedestrian emo band to a curious and wildy inventive indie rock band. Settlefish are stylish, experimental and flat out charming. Oh Dear! continues the band’s intriguing and rewarding metamorphosis.

Genre: Indie/Rock

RIYL: Modest Mouse, The Dismemberment Plan, Les Savy Fav


Summer Drops

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  1. Awesome band…but ewwww…that’s the artwork they chose?

  2. yeah, the artwork is a bit of a disappointment especially after the plural of the choir layout.

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