Posted by: will | March 16, 2008

Music Review – Halo Fauna

Halo Fauna “Durak” (Plan-It-X)


Durak was released on Plan-It-X but Halo Fauna thankfully leaves the folk-punk in the rearview mirror. In turn, the band delivers some well played indie rock with both a musical and lyrical bite. Halo Fauna beam melodies out from every corner while keeping a quick, steady pace throughout. I keep thinking of Halo Fauna as a more upbeat, full band version of The Mountain Goats. Perhaps that is just because of the similarly styled nasal vocals though. Really, the band’s intelligent and captivating lyrics mostly recall the stylings of the great Weakerthans. With the sincerity of emo and the aggressiveness of punk, the band’s brand of endearing rock might have been commonplace in the past. However, Halo Fauna are left with very few peers anymore. The band are forging their own path through abandoned territories. For the listener, it creates a most rewarding journey. And the talented artwork of Kristine Virsis fits the album perfectly. With Durak, Halo Fauna have put together a strong album in every artistic aspect. Well done.

Genre: Indie/Punk/Rock

RIYL: The Mountain Goats, The Weakerthans, The Thermals

Exposure, Processing and Recording

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