Posted by: will | March 11, 2008

Music Review – Vampire Weekend

Vampire Weekend “Vampire Weekend” (XL)


Did you see these guys on SNL? I mean, this is some next level hipster bullshit right here. Vampire Weekend are one or two steps removed from being a really bad reggae band. Instead they settle in for some bland, cutesy indie pop with all your typical and monotonous influences. Can we please get off this afro-pop train already? Let’s hope this band will be forgotten soon. Believe me, we’ll all be better off for it. Uh!

Genre: Indie/Pop

RIYL: Wuss rock


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  1. YES!!! A negative review on SAL! About as rare an occurrance as on pastepunk.

  2. hehe, i’ve turned over a new negative leaf.

  3. oh my god. their SNL appearance was giving me nightmares as i drifted to sleep last saturday. i’ve been saying, “i need to find out what these vampire weekend guys are all about” and now i’m like… “ugh. gross.”

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