Posted by: will | March 5, 2008

Best New Music – Drag The River


Drag The River “You Can’t Live This Way” (Suburban Home)

Drag The River’s 2006 album, It’s Crazy, was, in my opinion, the band’s crowning achievement. Songwriters Chad Price and Jon Snodgrass never complimented each other better than on those fourteen songs. The duo return with You Can’t Live This Way which is perahaps the band’s most accomplished and full recording. Quickly out of the gate, the band shows a willingness to expand their sound. “Death Of The Life Of The Party” and “Rangement” start the album off and showcase ample horn and piano arrangements. Mr. Spacey Casey Prestwood is back with his pedal steel and he weaves in and out between the poignant vocals of Price and Snodgrass. Drag The River have dropped the rockers for the most part and gone straight for the heart on You Can’t Live This Way. It is appropriate because frankly, that is where Price and Snodgrass are at their best. Heart-wrenching lyrics and touching vocal performances carry the album along it’s scenic journey. Perhaps it is the quick pace of the pop punk genre that Price and Snodgrass have graduated from (Price in All and Snodgrass in Armchair Martian), but You Can’t Live This Way remains beautifully succinct. Fourteen songs in 34 minutes and the repeat button is ready for more. You Can’t Live This Way could very well be the last album for Drag The River. I will spare you the details and just hope that Price and Snodgrass realize how special what they have is and continue on. If not though, You Can’t Live This Way is an appropriate farewell.

Genre: Alt-Country/Folk

RIYL: Lucero, Drive-By Truckers, Son Volt

The Death Of The Life Of The Party

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