Posted by: will | March 4, 2008

Best New Music – Tellison


Tellison “Contact! Contact!” (Gravity Dip)

Coming in at the tail end of 2007, Tellison’s debut album, Contact! Contact!, made an immediate impression and managed to land in my Best of 2007 list. Tellison are keeping the flame alive in regards to amazing new UK bands. Bringing to mind Field Music, Dartz! and The Futureheads, Contact! Contact! is an infectious blend of indie pop with definite punk rock energy.The album was recorded over 6 months in different locations and with two different producers. Yet, there is an amazing cohesiveness to these songs. Even when the tempos change wildly from song to song, they fit together perfectly. Tellison weave their angular music around melodies big enough to make your head spin. Those hooks combined with a lead singer who can actually sing push the band into rare territory. The band embraces an incredible dexterity as they showcase the ability to turn on a dime at any given time. On Contact! Contact!, intelligent, thought-provoking lyrics combine with the band’s undeniable musicianship to create something truly extraordinary.

Genre: Indie/Pop/Punk

RIYL: The Futureheads, Field Music, Dartz!

New York, New York, New York

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