Posted by: will | March 3, 2008

Music Review – We Were Skeletons

We Were Skeletons “Summers” (Self-Released)


We Were Skeletons are a hardcore punk/screamo band from Lancaster, PA. There is something so incredibly refreshing when listening to the band’s debut album, Summers. Ranging in age from 17-19 years old, there is youthful exuberance that pours out from the band’s songs. Summers sounds completely pure. It is as if the boys have just coasted through the last five years and refused influence from all the shit that has pervaded this genre. Touching on bands like Hot Cross, Orchid and Off Minor, We Were Skeletons’ sound harkens back to the golden age where substance triumphed over style and not vice versa. We Were Skeletons show off incredible dynamics as they embrace experimentation and aggression. Summers is a breath of fresh air that just might knock you on your ass if you aren’t prepared.

(You can download the full album: Or you can purchase a copy at the band’s myspace page below.)

Genre: Hardcore/Punk/Screamo

RIYL: Hot Cross, Kidcrash, Refused


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  1. where did this picture of artwork come from?

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