Posted by: will | March 2, 2008

Music Review – Last American Buffalo

Last American Buffalo “Marquis For The Debutante” (Self-Released)

On Marquis For The Debutante Last American Buffalo sound a bit torn. The band seems as though they can not decide which direction to actually go. Last American Buffalo do well what The Killers so desperately wanted to do on their last album…sound authentic. The band mixes in rustic, country flavored songs with more danceable material in the vein of Minus The Bear. However, the band is at their best when they strip everything down. Bare-boned songs like “Privateer” and album closer “Sunshine” are vulnerable and touching. Those songs are actually reminiscent of the underrated The Snake The Cross The Crown. The band would be well-advised to continue to follow that route. Last American Buffalo sound like one of those bands that might pleasantly surprise you as you’re forced to listen (for whatever reason) to terrible FM radio. Perhaps that is not such a ringing endorsement but Marquis For The Debutante certainly shows promise. For now though, much of the album is just pleasant background music.

Genre: Indie/Americana/Rock

RIYL: Minus The Bear, Spoon, The Snake The Cross The Crown


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  1. i like them for the minus the bear aspect. if i ever get around to reviewing them like i’ve been meaning to, i’d probably say that they recorded the album that MTB should have recorded last year… sans the songs you really liked. sorry, sal.

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