Posted by: will | February 21, 2008

Music Review – Dan Giberman


Dan Giberman “Thrills Without Gills: A Celebration Of The Living Land” (Sao Bento Music)

Press sheets are usually for the birds. Rarely is there a truthful statement written. However, as I skimmed over this particular press sheet a quote from Dan Giberman caught my attention. The quote is in regards to Giberman’s educational studies influencing his music. “Studying logic-based analytic philosophy has made me a clarity-Nazi when it comes to communication. I like to think this helps me trim the bullshit from my music.” And there it is…perhaps the only useful, worthy quote of any press sheet ever.

Thrills Without Gills: A Celebration of the Living Land is a comprehensive and streamlined approach towards mathy indie pop. Giberman’s songwriting is understated but instantly compelling. Ten songs in 26 minutes show that Giberman has in fact trimmed the bullshit. Only pure substance remains. Giberman is a one-man band as he sings, plays guitar, drums and keyboards on Thrills Without Gills. His hushed vocals add a beautifully soft dynamic to these diverse songs. At times, the faster paced songs remind one of 31 Knots or Chin Up Chin Up. Then Giberman is able to slow the tempo down on a track like “Song For John Judah.” The hushed beauty of the song brings to mind one Elliott Smith. Occasionally touching, sometimes weird and always intoxicating, Giberman has crafted an album full of subtle grace and power. Thrills Without Gills: A Celebration of the Living Land is an instant contender for Best of 2008 lists.

Genre: Indie/Pop/Rock

RIYL: Chin Up Chin Up, Elliott Smith, 31 Knots

You’re A Professional Actor Now

Mel Bay/Mel Bochner


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