Posted by: will | February 20, 2008

Music Review – Slingshot Dakota


Slingshot Dakota “Their Dreams Are Dead, But Ours Is The Golden Ghost” (Self-Released)


You may know Carly Commando from this. Or for the fact that the song now appears in an NBA commercial. But, before she was composing beautiful piano pieces she was in a little band called Slingshot Dakota. Well, a lot has changed in the four years since the band’s debut album, Keener Sighs, was released. First, drummer Pat Schramm left to man the skins in Latterman. Tom Patterson became Slingshot’s full time drummer shortly thereafter. In 2006 guitarist/vocalist Jeff Cunningham would leave, meeting back up with Schramm to form Bridge And Tunnel. Lucky for us though Commando decided to soldier on with Patterson. Slingshot Dakota had officially become a duo.

From the start, Their Dreams Are Dead, But Ours Is The Golden Ghost, sounds more mature. In pairing themselves down to a duo, Slingshot Dakota have actually enriched their sound. The album is warmer and overflows with depth and sense of community. The absence of Cunningham’s vocals and guitar are never really missed here. Commando takes the spotlight with her bright keyboard playing and endearing tales of the road. Whether it be the adventures of being on tour or the trials of life itself, much of Their Dreams Are Dead, But Ours Is The Golden Ghost deals with movement. In a time when negativity reigns, Commando’s lyrics are genuine and truly uplifting. While her vocals may not be perfect, that only adds to the duo’s appeal. The heartfelt emotion in her voice makes up for any so-called deficiencies.

No doubt Slingshot Dakota bring the fun here. But there is a thoughtfulness and dedication behind these songs that is hard to ignore. So, if life has you down just put out on Their Dreams Are Dead, But Ours Is The Golden Ghost for some much needed inspiration. Slingshot Dakota are giving out free bearhugs. And who can resist that?

Genre: Indie/Pop

RIYL: Latterman, Bridge And Tunnel, Lemuria

Until The Day I Die


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