Posted by: will | February 18, 2008

Music Review – Red Room Cinema

Red Room Cinema “Red Room Cinema” (Self-Released)


There are some excellent sounds emanating from Florida and not all the noise is coming from Gainesville anymore. Red Room Cinema hail from Tampa, Florida and play instrumental post- rock. Red Room Cinema practice a version of instrumental rock that at times allows for some sparse vocal interludes. However, for better or worse, this is music completely lead by the instruments.

It is always such a difficult assertion to make in regards to whether a band would be better off with or without vocals. Hell, I have heard my share of bands who probably should have left their lead singer on the roadside somewhere. Yet, for some reason, we always seem to think that instrumental bands lose their purity by adding vocals to the mix. For Red Room Cinema though, I feel as though they could benefit from more vocals. I feel as though the moments where guitarist Anthony Maltese does let his voice out allows the band to have some much needed sense of personality.

The album sounds nice and Red Room Cinema are quite adept at the standard issue rise-and-fall of instrumental music. Still, the band has a hard time distinguishing themselves from the mass of bands playing this style. Because of that Red Room Cinema will probably get lost in the crowded fray. That really is unfortunate as the band and this album show off some talented moments.

Genre: Instrumental/Rock

RIYL: Building The State, Explosions In The Sky, Moving Mountains

The Fledgling


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